How to Wear a Kaftan? Style Tips & More

How to Wear a Kaftan? Style Tips & More

Types of Kaftan dress to wear
There are various types of Kaftan dresses that you can wear.

Short night – There are many people who love to wear short kaftan dresses as they can steal the heart of your beloved partner, especially a white kaftan frock pair of sneakers looks awesome.

Deep neck – a deep neck kaftan is the choice of every Bollywood or Hollywood celebrity as it flaunts the perfect cleavages. It is also comfortable and can be worn at parties or events.

One-shoulder – one-shoulder kaftan is the best option when you are going for a cocktail party with your friends or batch mates. It is made with quality fabrics that give you comfort and shine a little.

How to feel stylish by wearing a Kaftan?
Kaftan itself is a really beautiful dress, once a woman wears a kaftan dress she can feel proud, confident yet stylish. Earlier when a woman gets pregnant she only has an option to wear a nightdress, maxi, or a suit, but after the invention of the kaftan, a pregnant woman can wear a variety of kaftans. To feel stylish in kaftans there are various factors you must consider. Also, the Kaftan has come in the trend and is worn by famous movies and tv actresses.

Find your Perfect Size
No matter whether it is a kaftan, a perfect fit dress always looks good, if a men or women wear a perfect fit dress then it’s like a feather in the cap moreover if you wear a loose kaftan then it can add more bulk to your body while one that is too big will highlight your lumps and bumps obviously you might prefer it to hide.

Search Your Favorites
In this digital world, it is out of trend to buy anything offline, online shopping gives many different products to customers to choose from. You have a lot of choices to buy your favorite color kaftan and there are multiple sizes available from XS to 7XL you have many options, it is one of the best websites where you can buy ethnic outfits as well as modern ones.

Styling tips for Wearing
Wearing a kaftan belt can make your waist look smaller and stylish
Pair it up with the right accessories like a mid-length pair of earrings embedded with diamond or something shiny can make you look like a diva.
If you are going to a party and wearing it, then always go with smokey eye makeup with glowy finish makeup, do not prefer the matte one, as it doesn’t look perfect.
With a kaftan dress, never carry a tote bag or box bag, always carry a clutch or a sling bag, as carrying a tote bag makes you look fuller.
A short kaftan must be paired up with white kaftans: A: long kaftan must be paired up with silver high heels: One shoulder kaftan must be paired up with stilettos and the deep neck must be with block heels also must be worn with wedges etc.

Feel confident In You
Last but not the least, whatever you are wearing a loose pair of pajamas or perfect fit jeans or a Kaftan Set you should be confident with the thought that anything you wear looks best on you with yourself. One simple tip is that just keeping smiling can brighten up your day as well as the one who is looking at you.

So before wearing a kaftan- feel that confident vibes, that you are the most beautiful woman in the entire world. You can search the internet for your favorite Kaftan Set to wear for different occasions.

Nightwear Through The Ages

Nightwear Through The Ages

Have you ever questioned the origins of your jammies, nightgowns, or dressing gowns? Our nights would be all the more uncomfortable, let alone colder if they weren’t there. Whether it’s a necessity for the night or a fashion statement made of pure silk or cotton, nightwear is an important part of our wardrobes. If you wish to know the origins of pyjamas and how they became a part of people’s daily routine, keep reading this article. Here, we discuss the history of nightwear and how it became the ideal combination of aesthetic and usefulness.


The name “nightgown” appears in the Dictionary of Fashion History as early as 1530 when French linguist John Palsgrave translates “sloppe” to nightgown in his textbook. However, there’s no way of knowing if the term refers to sleepwear or another type of apparel. Before the 16th century, there is also minimal evidence of specialised sleepwear.

The origins of modern nightgowns can be traced back to the 16th century when men wore nightshirts and ladies wore night-chemises. Nightshirts and night-chemises were identical ankle-length, shapeless pieces with varied collars today shirts or undergarments. Nightshirts were similar to tunics and were worn by both sexes in Egypt and Rome for centuries.

To prevent wasting fabric, nightwear was traditionally cut like a male shirt and a female smock or shift, with rectangular sections for the torso and sleeves and gussets under the arm. As a result, it looked like a bloated, shapeless garment dangling from the neck like a deflated balloon. Nightclothes, like underclothes, absorbed sweat and needed to be washable; white linen, which could be boiled and bleached, was long the chosen fabric for all classes, with linen quality reflecting economic position.

Dressing Gowns:

Dressing robes, like pyjamas, were influenced by Middle Eastern and eastern traditions. Originally, these were bright jackets made of natural textiles like silk, cotton, and velvet for men to wear inside their houses. They were worn equally by both sexes over their nightshirts and nightgowns by the 19th century, without sacrificing the expensive textiles. Longer dressing robes were worn by men, while shorter gowns were worn by women to escape the restrictions of their corsets. A dressing gown was also worn to protect a lady’s garments from hair powder while she was getting dressed in front of her vanity mirror.

The dressing gown remained popular into the twentieth century when hostess dresses and robes were made available to the general people. Dressing gowns, on the other hand, lost their attractiveness as more women entered the workforce and the image of lazing around the house in a dressing gown became obsolete. Wearing something comfy at the end of the day only became popular in the latter decades of the twentieth century, and it is still a matter of comfort, just as it was for those 19th-century women.

Easy Ways For Guys To Build A Great Wardrobe At Tight Budget

Easy Ways For Guys To Build A Great Wardrobe At Tight Budget

Do you feel your wardrobe is filled with garments you don’t even remember when did you wear them last time? Maybe, those clothes were amazing for you back then but now they are just occupying the space in your wardrobe. And, on top of that causing your wardrobe to look messy as hell. If this story is relatable to you. Then, you my friend need to rebuild your wardrobe that has the thing that you love to wear.

Now you might be thinking. It’s going to cost you a fortune. No! Not really. You don’t have to get rid of all of your clothes. Some of them need to be given to needy people and the rest of them you can restyle. So, let’s read on to discover how you’re going to do that on a tight budget.

How To Rebuild Your Wardrobe Without Spending A Fortune?
To create the wardrobe you love and your mom is proud of is not that hard to build. Check out these simple ways below.

Pick From What You Have
Yes! You don’t have to purchase every single piece of clothing for your new wardrobe. There might be some amazing pieces of clothing you might love to wear but don’t know they exist due to a jam-packed wardrobe. Keep what you wanna wear and you can also try them on how they look on you. And, simply discard the garments you haven’t worn in a year or don’t want to.

Shop What’s Trendy
No matter how great some clothes are. But, if they are outdated you won’t feel like wearing them. Shop the garments that are going to be in trend for a long. Like solid tees, printed shirts, blue & black denim & chains, blazer, etc. These goodies always stay top in the fashion trend. Keep a few shades of denim, shop solid tees in colors that suit you the most, and shop some amazing patterns in mens shirts to create a wardrobe that makes you look stylish every day.

Learn To Recognize Quality
Not only looks matters in fashion quality also does. You probably don’t want to buy clothes that seem old after one wash. Well, the good news is you can get good quality clothes in low-budget as well. You just need to invest some time to learn how to recognize the quality of fabric. This one skill will help your lifetime.

Shop On Big Sales
Most brands generate big offers & discounts on big events in the year. If you have a list of shopping. Wait for the big sales. This way you can save a lot of money and buy the things for around half the price. Plus, you can also spend your budget on fashion accessories that can make your outfit super stylish. If you’re looking for buying some designer clothes at an affordable price. check out these awesome men’s printed shirts collection at the best price.

Shop From Thrift Store
Sounds cheap right! But, you can buy great clothes from there at an unbelievably low price. You just need to choose the clothes that are in nice condition. And, this is how you can embellish your wardrobe with amazing clothes without spending hefty sums.

Find A Good Tailor
When you shop from a thrift store or from the sale. Chances are you can’t find the right size in the pattern you like. In this case, you can buy the bigger size if you need to. And, later on, get is altered by a good tailor. Isn’t it amazing?

Perceptions And Attitudes Towards Sustainable Fashion

Perceptions And Attitudes Towards Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more popular, but there are still many people who do not understand what it is. Sustainable fashion, such as handloom sarongs and batik skirts in Sri Lanka, is the use of materials that can be reused or recycled to create new products. It is important because it helps reduce waste and protect our environment.

What is sustainable fashion and how does it differ from traditional fashion industry practices?

Sustainable fashion is the use of materials that can be reused or recycled to create new products. It is different from traditional fashion industry practises because it focuses on sustainability, which is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability in the fashion industry is important because it helps reduce waste and protect our environment. The traditional fashion industry for both men’s and ladies’ clothing online is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and it contributes to a lot of textile waste.

Textile waste can contaminate water supplies, damage ecosystems, and clog up landfills. It’s important that we focus on sustainable fashion because we need to be mindful of how our actions impact the environment.

Sustainable fashion also has economic benefits. It can help create new jobs in the recycling and reuse industries, which is good for the economy. In addition, sustainable fashion can help reduce costs for businesses and consumers.

The benefits of sustainable fashion: why should we all be paying attention to it?

There are many benefits to adopting sustainable fashion techniques, and these include:

It protects the environment. The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and producing clothes made from synthetic materials like polyester can use up a lot of resources and produce a lot of waste. Sustainable fashion helps to reduce this environmental impact by using natural or recycled fabrics, as well as reducing waste through recyclable packaging and garment construction techniques.
It supports sustainable practices. Buying sustainably produced clothing means that you are supporting businesses that are making an effort to be environmentally responsible. By choosing organic cotton t-shirts over non-organic ones, for example, you are voting with your dollars for companies that are investing in more sustainable practices.
It’s cost-effective. Sustainable fashion doesn’t cost as much as you might think. In fact, sometimes it can be cheaper to buy organic or sustainable items than conventional clothing.
It’s stylish. Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to mean dowdy and boring-in fact, some of the most stylish pieces on the runway are made with sustainable materials.
It helps reduce waste. The average person throws away 81 pounds of clothes each year. That’s a lot of wasted resources! Buying fewer clothes and buying items that will last means that there is less need for new clothes to be produced, which in turn reduces the amount of textile waste that ends up in our landfills and oceans.
How can we make the switch to sustainable fashion without making too many sacrifices?

Making the transition to sustainable fashion is not hard, but it does require a bit of effort. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

What is a Saree

What is a Saree

The saree is a piece of clothing that originated in India but has now spread to countries all over Asia. It is no surprise that the saree is one of the most popular clothing items for women across South Asia. The beauty and versatility of this dress are unparalleled by any other article of clothing. In Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan it is common to see women wearing these colourful garments on their daily commute or at work.

There are various types of sarees online in Sri Lanka, available depending on the occasion, from casual everyday wear to wedding attire, so there really is something for everyone. Sarees can be made out of cotton twill or silk dupioni. They have long been very popular with Indian brides because of their fine quality and rich colours.

Sarees are made in a variety of ways, but the most popular is probably the Bandhani technique, where small sections of fabric are tied up tightly with string before dyeing it to create unique patterns such as those found in batik sarees in Sri Lanka. Another common style that is used is called ‘ikat’ which involves tying knots along certain threads before dying them to achieve intricate designs.

The saree is a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body in various styles

Saree is the traditional clothing for women in India. While saree styles vary across different parts of India, there are some common rules that govern wearing a saree. A typical Indian Saree has three to nine yards of cloth material wrapped around the waist with one end draped over the shoulder, usually left bare but sometimes only partially covering it depending on local cultural norms. The draping style can vary from region to region or even village to village within regions based on age group, social status etc.

There are many different styles of wearing a saree, including:

The Nivi style, where the pleats are at the front and back of a woman’s body.
The Draping style involves draping a saree around a slim frame to create thick folds that hide any excess weight.
The Gujarat style involves the peats being on the front.
Sarees can be made from either silk or cotton material depending on preference and what is available locally in different regions. Lighter shades such as ivory, yellow and baby blue tend to go well with Asian skin tones, whereas darker colours may look better for those with fairer complexions. Sarees come in beautiful colours and prints, as well as mirror work, zari work and embroidery.

In South Asia, it is often called the “National Dress” or “Mother dress”

The saree is the national dress for women in many South Asian countries. Sarees are comfortable, versatile and can be worn in different ways depending on preference. It is available in various styles and patterns which include five yards (a typical length for an adult woman), eight yards (usually made into two pieces that form a stitched blouse), nine yards (one piece of cloth with pleats sewn to create folds at both ends). The nine-yard sarees tend to lay around one metre longer than other types of traditional sarees.

Sarees are typically made from cotton or silk and come in a variety of colours

Sarees can be made with different materials such as cotton, silk, georgette, net and crepe. For example, cotton sarees are preferred in hot summer months, while silk is more popular during the monsoon season. Silk sarees with embroidery or handwork such as beading etc are worn for special occasions such as weddings and festivities.

Women Prefer For Sleepwear Silk or Cotton

Women Prefer For Sleepwear Silk or Cotton

While cotton and flannel sleepwear is less expensive than silk, there are several reasons for this. Instead of your boring pyjamas, opt for something more luxurious. Silk sleepwear can help you get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t believe us, keep reading this article to find out how and why?

Few things are more soothing to both young and old individuals than a good night’s sleep. Your well-deserved rest at the end of each hard day is drifting off into dreamland, resetting your body and rejuvenating your mind for the next morning. So the finest sleep is the result of selecting the best sleepwear to keep your body comfy so you can relax completely. But, do you know why silk sleepwear is preferred over cotton?

Cotton fabric is inherently lightweight, breathable, and pleasant to the touch, which means it won’t irritate your skin. It is a poor insulator, so if you don’t have a thick blanket, you might get cold in the winter. Its airy features can help you stay cool in hot weather, but it’s frequently ineffective at wicking moisture away, so if you’re prone to night sweats, this won’t be the most comfortable material for you.

Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all materials, which means it can withstand allergens like mould and fungus better than cotton and flannel. This implies that it is less prone to irritate skin while still contributing to a healthy glow. Flannel and cotton pyjamas, on the other hand, do not provide this. If you have trouble sleeping at night, silk sleepwear could be the answer. Being engulfed in sumptuous silk pyjamas might feel like receiving a hug from the outside in.

Unlike cotton, silk may be so comfy that it makes you feel like you’re surrounded by luxury. The sheen of the material can nearly seem like a warm hug from within. Silk, as opposed to cotton, is particularly moisture-wicking due to the inherent protein fibres at play. Cotton can get quite hot, which can be extremely uncomfortable for those who suffer from nighttime hot flushes.

Silk, cotton, and flannel have quite diverse textures; silk feels almost fragile to the touch, yet has comparable tensile strength as steel wool. Cotton, on the other hand, is soft but not as smooth as silk. Flannel, on the other hand, is rough and nearly coarse. As a result, silk sleepwear can provide extraordinary comfort and a restful night’s sleep.

Fashion Trends Will Help You Look Your Best At Formal Events

Fashion Trends Will Help You Look Your Best At Formal Events

Formal events are a societal norm when it comes to big celebrations and the embarkment of official proceedings. All of us had to attend them at one point or another. As we progress into adulthood, the number of these events we have to attend only increases in frequency and in total. Weddings, engagements, office parties, ballroom events – the list seems endless when these events are to be considered.

They are wonderful things to be a part of. After all, who doesn’t like a celebration? The catch with these events though is the presence of a dress code or even if that is absent, the standard formal event dressing parameters apply anyway. This is not considered the best trait of these events. The reason behind it – it is difficult to follow a dress code or dress formally and still look good.

The rules of dressing formally are strict and often when followed through thoroughly, they do not leave much room for personal style or flexibility towards the components. Most of the time that makes us dread dressing up for formal events. Perhaps, if we have more insight regarding the rules and the fashion trends that can be used for formal events, then we might not be so opposed to the idea.

First of all, let’s get acquainted with what constitutes formal dressing for women and men. For men, it consists of three-piece suits, tuxedos, formal shirts, ties, etc. For women, it consists of full-length ball gowns, formal dresses, gloves, ribbons, corsages, etc. In both cases, the inspiration comes from Western clothing in the 18th – 20th century.

There are multiple fashion trends popular in the present day that will help you finesse your formal dressing skill from now forth.

Funky Prints

Just because the dress code is formal, does not mean it has to be boring. People take it as an invitation to just fall into the tried and tested habit of wearing either plain solid colors or putting on clothes with basic, minimal details and patterns like pinstripes and plaid. Well, you do not need to do that. The rules of formal dressing do not discriminate against prints. It says nowhere that you need to wear the same 3 prints in a rotational manner.

Wearing a suit or a blazer with a funky and interesting pattern or print makes you just that – interesting. The print does not have to be loud. You opt for small yet bright prints like this , a print that does not overwhelm but sure does catch the eye.

Or if you want to go all out, you can get something in a bright and loud pattern, like florals. The sky is your limit with the choice of a print, so why limit yourself by picking a lame dull color? Luxury clothing brands in India have mastered the art of combining interesting patterns with formal wear so give their collections on Iconic a look.

Everything You Should Know About Men’s Two-Piece Set

Everything You Should Know About Men’s Two-Piece Set

What represents a man more beautifully than a perfect pair of bottom and top wear with of course matching shoes and accessories? The answer will be obviously nothing can. This outstanding and decent look is the demand of fashion and many situations or occasions. People who are not taking their personality-required outfits seriously are not being loved or liked by others nowadays. In this era of fashionable clothes, accessories, footwear, and social media trends, an on-the-beat look is very important and if you really want to impress others, you’ve to maintain this decency and situation requirements. You’re supposed to have the fashion sense and their requirement that suits your personality. The men’s 2-piece helps you to make this happen every single time and even when you want to continue the mystery of looking decent and as per the situation.

There are normally lots of decisions one has to take while selecting any clothing for men like shades, materials, patterns and size. It’s not at all everyone’s cup of tea to shop a perfect from abundance stocks. many choices involved around them. In this blog, everything will be explained that you need to know about men’s two-piece sets .

Let’s firstly understand what men’s 2-piece set is actually known as

A pair of bottom and top in the same theme, pattern, or color is known as co-ords set. You can dress up with these garments on regular practice but you’re unaware of it. Wrong decisions can’t embrace you when you’re at home but they can make you feel guilty when you’ll be asked about your fashion sense. Men’s two-piece short sets say enough already about itself – the pair whose length is above the knee falls under it.

How you can look more stylish and outstanding with this type of apparel?
Looking different from the crown is not at all easy. You need to know about the clothing style and trend demand, especially you should know how you can utilize a single piece in multiple patterns, for example, a printed shirt can be used for office wear and casual look as well. You can also make choosing matching pants to make it a men’s co-ords. You only need to know more about fashion sense and you have a little encouraging factor that can boost you to try your outfits in every possible way. Being the style icon and wearing up-to-the-trend has now become the need of the hour as you’re in social media and a fashionable world where everyone wants to look beautiful. Thanks to our garment designers who understand the demand of society and keep evolving the men’s outfits designs. They’ve explored men’s casual two-piece sets in multiple patterns, lengths, and prints to let you allow having the best ways to dress up and keep experimenting with your looks.

What are the best ways to look fabulous in a co-ords set?
We have answered the question of why men’s two pieces are important and how we’re already following this trend, now let’s get the answer of how you can wear it in a perfect way that amazes anyone and coerce them to ask you about your designer.

Using Name Tapes Correctly

Using Name Tapes Correctly

Put name tapes on your children’s belongings. School supplies, such as pens, pencils, rulers, crayons, and notebooks, are often misplaced. If they have school labels on them, they may be returned simply.

A lunchbox label may provide important information about your child’s health status, allergies, and more. Teachers will be able to keep an eye on your kid and take action if necessary.

Make labels for your clothing. To avoid arguments at home, it is important to label children’s clothing with their names when they are of the same gender and close in age. As you go through your clothes, you’ll be able to tell who owns what. Campers can easily distinguish their clothes, undergarments, shoes, and socks by their color. Clothes labels are a good way to tell whether someone else has mistaken your possessions for theirs.

Put them on containers of food and drink. You should always have a set of pantry labels handy at home. Don’t mix up your condiments while you’re in the kitchen. When everything is neat, it’s a sight to see.

You may use name tapes as gift labels as well. Personalized name labels may make gifts even more special. Everyone at your child’s birthday party will be talking about it for years to come. His or her name may appear on everything from the invitations to the thank-you notes and the goodie bags.

Reasons to considering Cheap Clothes Shopping

Many individuals now believe that the greatest way to seem stylish is to wear pricey clothing labels. However, this isn’t entirely accurate, since several inexpensive solutions will make you look fantastic and save you money. As a result, there are several advantages to shopping for inexpensive clothing. Because they’re inexpensive, this is the most crucial factor. Drawing out a chart of all of your spending is the best way to verify this. You’ll see that a significant portion of the budget is allocated to clothing and accessories. You may save money and yet look great by purchasing inexpensive clothing.

The quality of the accessories worn with one’s outfit is significantly more essential than the brand of the clothing itself, despite what many people believe. While it may be difficult for others to identify the brand of your clothing, if you succeed, you will seem effortlessly stylish. Because of this, it is preferable to wear jewelry that creates a more noticeable design statement with your outfits.

It is also easy to buy more clothing at a reduced cost if you buy inexpensive clothing. In addition, you won’t have to worry about constantly purchasing new clothing as a result of this. There are several reasons why it is crucial to mention that these garments are of excellent quality and will provide you with excellent value for your money.

Best Summer Travel Outfits For Men

Best Summer Travel Outfits For Men

Men love traveling. But, boring outfits spoil the fun when it comes to clicking some awesome pictures to show your friends. Well, outfits are different according to the season. In winters there are not many options for boys rather like hoodies, coats, and jackets. But, vibrant summer vacations deserve some awesome outfits to add ultimate fun to your adventure. Wanna know what the best summer outfit for men is gonna be in 2022. Just, read on to discover.

9 Best Summer Travel Outfits For Men In 2022
Summers allow men and women to create a vibrant look. Wearing colorful clothes is totally acceptable for men in summers as they are for women. Therefore, we have listed up 5 best summer outfit ideas for men that we think will elevate your look.

Printed Shirts
In the summers of 2022 allow yourself to rock with awesome printed shirts. There are many new patterns in printed shirts you can choose from. Floral prints, multi-color, camel print, and even elephant print shirts . These are the most unique patterns you can give a try this summer. Additionally, These shirt patterns are also preferable by fashion influencers. So, get ready to live the current trend.

Decent Outwear
Even summer outwear is an important piece of clothing. For evenings denim shirts, shackets, and gingham shirts are some of the nicest options to choose from. Additionally, for night parties and outings, wearing a lightweight coat is also a good option for you.

Awesome Footwear
Don’t wear those white sports shoes everywhere you go while traveling. Although, these shoes are super comfortable but not stylish anymore. Get yourself some crocs & sneakers that feel comfortable in summer. Besides, if you’re also planning to have some fun at disc parties. Black laced-up shoes are also something you need to have for that. Well, shoes mostly go better with a suit. But, in summers it’s not that comfortable. In that case, you can go with lightweight coats and solid color t-shirts.

Half Pants
If you’re planning a beachy vacation, half pants are awesome for this. Pair your half pants with sleeveless t-shirts in tie & dye prints. Make sure you don’t over-style your outfit with half pants. Because half pants are also available in prints and checks that need some consideration before wearing. If you’re wearing printed shorts, pair them up with solid color t-shirts. On the other hand if half pants are in solid colors you know what to do. Don’t spoil the look by wearing the boring single-color shirt or a tee.